Mind Matters Psychotherapy & Creative Education is happy to offer a variety of therapeutic psychotherapies, such as Individual/play therapy, art therapy, family therapy, family skills building, grief counselling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, & Mindfulness therapies. 

​Individual Therapy/Play Therapy
Individual therapy allows for the therapist to build rapport with each client and build a treatment plan around the challenges and goals that clients want to work on. Play based therapy can be intertwined in the treatment plans created for children and preadolescence as an opportunity to express and understand emotions and process trauma.
Presenting concerns that can be addressed in therapy:

- Low Self Esteem

- Anxiety/Depression

- Self Harm/Suicide Ideations

- Sexual Abuse/Trauma

- Relationships

- Stress/School Related Issues

- Bullying

- Substance Abuse

- Court Order

- Loss/Grief


Family Therapy & Family Skills Building





Family Therapy utilizes a holistic approach, and aims to involve all members of the family who wish to participate. This approach can be helpful for families who are survivors of crime, endured trauma, or are going through a transition such as divorce, loss/grief, or developmental periods. Family therapy works to create common goals for the family to work towards that reflect all participating members strengths and challenges. Family Skills Building is an excellent opportunity for families who are struggling with structure and routine as well as behavioral issues within the home and community. This program includes all members of the family who are willing to participate, and equips parents with psycho-education on child and adolescent development, as well as effective parenting strategies.

Couples Therapy
 Couples therapy is a therapeutic approach used to support couples
overcome challenges couples may be facing in their relationship.
Challenges may be domestic violence, parenting, sexual intimacy, stress,
boundaries, trust, roles, conflict, trauma, transitions, etc. Therapy allows
for a safe space for couples to work together, but also individually in a
therapeutic, supportive  environment and create and work towards
goals that can work to improve their relationship.