Mind Body Fertility Coaching

Offered by Shannon Carr, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Mind Body fertility Coach, and mom of IVF twins.

In Canada 1 in 6 couples will struggle with infertility and this experience can take a major toll on mental health and emotional well being.  Mind Matters Psychotherapy has specialized support for those women and couples struggling to build their families naturally or through assisted reproductive treatments. 

Shannon’s unique combination of fertility coaching and psychotherapy helps clients through the emotional distress of infertility using mindset coping tools, fertility focused mindfulness and relaxation techniques and practical advice on how to optimize your IVF or IUI cycle.   Infertility can impact many facets of your life and Shannon’s specialized support will help you navigate the complex set of emotions (loss, grief, guilt, hope and despair), relationship and communication issues and other stressors that an infertility diagnosis can bring. 


  • Individual Sessions
  • Couples sessions
  • Mind-Body Fertility Workshops (6 Week Series)


  • Bowmanville