Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

Offering Mental Health Support & Grief Counselling from our Whitby & Bowmanville Locations

Mind Matters: Psychotherapy & Creative Education offers holistic therapeutic options for those who have experienced loss and require mental health support through grief counselling. The reality is most people will experience some form of loss at some moment during their lifetime – grief is simply an appropriate reaction to loss.

The dedicated team of healthcare practitioners at Mind Matters specialize in mental health/grief support by providing comprehensive health care options from these licensed, health care specialists 

  • Registered Nurse Psychotherapists

  • A Registered Holistic Nutritionist

  • A Hypnotherapist

  • An Accredited Music Therapist

Within the grief counselling sessions offered by Mind Matters, each individual, within this safe space, is allowed to explore their sense of loss (from their distinctive perspective), with clients experiencing a wide array of emotions that range from deep sadness to intense anger.

Mind Matters: Psychotherapy & Creative Education’s diverse therapy team of health care professionals work to create an integrated care program that includes expressive therapy options, relaxation techniques, plus nutritional support from a registered nutritionist.

At Mind Matters: Psychotherapy & Creative Education, we offer mental health support and grief counselling services from each of our locations in Whitby and Bowmanville.

For additional information, please reach out to us at 289-600-7126 or shoot us an email if you prefer. To book an appointment with us at Mind Matters, we offer appointments in Whitby – with six health care professionals from which to choose, and in Bowmanville, with two health care professionals from which to choose. In addition, Mind Matters: Psychotherapy & Creative Education offers you an opportunity to view available appointments online.