Music Therapy

Music Therapy Helps Children & Young Adults Process Stressful & Painful Situations

In the Durham area of Ontario, Mind Matters: Psychotherapy & Creative Education offers comprehensive therapeutic options in music and child therapy that create safe-spaces and opportunities for children, preadolescents, or young adults to feel comfortable and confident in expressing and processing the often-challenging emotions associated with trauma.

As an expressive art, music therapy employs music in a number of ways that maintain and/or improve the overall well-being of the individual receiving treatment. Music can be used therapeutically –

  • As a mood setter or as sentient noise.

  • By actively listening.

  • By learning to play a musical instrument.

  • By singing a favorite song or learning new music.

Music as therapy helps support children and young adults who need to speak about painful and stressful situations, thus, allowing them to begin their healing process. Play therapy and music therapy are often integrated to create a personalized treatment plan to support children and young adults as they traverse the often-tricky waters in grade school, middle school, high school, and beyond.

Mind Matters: Psychotherapy & Creative Education is comprised of a diverse group of health care and therapy professionals that include –

  • An Accredited Music Therapist

  • Registered Nurse Psychotherapists

  • A Registered Holistic Nutritionist

  • A Hypnotherapist

Mind Matters: Psychotherapy & Creative Education has two locations – in Whitby and Bowmanville that serve the surrounding communities in the Durham vicinity. If you would like to discuss our available services and therapeutic interventions, we are available at 289-600-7126 or, if you prefer, by email.

If you are set to schedule your next appointment, please follow these links to our online scheduling in Whitby – with six health care professionals and therapists, and in Bowmanville, with two health care professionals and therapists from which to choose.